Team Ottsix 5.50" Voodoo 2.2 KLR (2)


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Voodoo KLR 5.5 x 2.2 

  • Ottsix Voodoo KLR 2.2" Crawler Tires are the ultimate go anywhere tire. The KLR 2.2 is a great multi-terrain tire for your 2.2 class rig. 

    These tires do not include foam inserts. Any 5.5" inserts for 2.2 tires will work well. 

    Height: 5.5" Width: 1.95" Wheel:  2.2" Weight: 128g ea

  • NOTE: 

    • For general cleaning, Ottsix recommends Simple Green. To clean the tire down to bare rubber, Ottsix recommends Purple Power Cleaner, or Easy Off oven cleaner as these cleaners are safe for the rubber compound.
    • DO NOT use acetone, or other solvent based cleaners.