VANQUISH VFD Hurtz Dig - Black & Silver



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VFD Hurtz Dig

Vanquish Products Aluminum Hurtz Shifter 3 Position Dig for Vanquish Products VFD Transmission

  • Designed to increase the capability of your vehicle while maintaining maximum strength
  • Compatible with the Vanquish Products VFD Transmission
  • Rear output does not slide in and out, so driveshaft length is easier to manage
  • Servo mounted is included in the Vanquish Products VS4-10 Pro kit and VS4-10 Chassis Kit*
  • All drive parts are made from high quality chromoly steel
  • Requires the use of a radio with adjustable endpoints on an unused auxiliary channel
  • The lever design of the shifter means that you do not need an expensive servo to reliably operate this unit


*If installing this dig into an Origin Limited and swapping to a VFD transmission, you must purchase the rear plastic cross brace, slider bases, and VFD electronics plates.

** Clearances are very tight and require a low profile servo horn, using a Vanquish Products servo horn is highly recommended