Vanquish Clamping Servo Horn 24T 20mm-Anodized Black


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Product type: Replacement Parts

Vendor: Vanquish



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You are purchasing a one time sale of a product that does not match our standard plating finish.


  • Part physically blemish free
  • Anodizing is blemish free
  • Part finish and color is outside of our normal part that we offer and do not plan to offer this in the future.  Therefore we are selling in the VP Outlet.

When supplies are gone, the listing will be removed and no longer offered. No exceptions. 

Product Details:

Vanquish Products Clamping Servo Horn

  • 24T (24 tooth servo spline)*
  • 20mm from center of servo output to center of steering link hole
  • Milled from high quality aluminum
  • Unique clamping style keeps splines more engaged on the servo output

*Check manufacturers specs to find what servo spline you need.