TREAL 1.9" 8-Hole Aluminum Beadlock Wheels (4) for SCX10 III TRX4 D90 1:10 RC Cars -Type F


Product type: 1.9 Wheels

Vendor: Treal



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-Standard 1.9" wheel size
-Standard 12mm hex hub(not removable)

-Beadlock design
-CNC machine aluminum
-Classic 8-hole design looking

Wheel Combination(One wheel):

           -Aluminum Faceplate (1)
            -Aluminum Center Ring (1) [Interchangeable with Treal Type D&E 1.9 wheels which with Steel Rings]
            -Aluminum Backplate (1)
            -Hub Hardware (6) Silver
            -Backplate Hardware (8) Black


-Diameter: 1.9"
-Inner back diameter: 45mm (1.771")
-Central Ring Width:22 mm (0.866")
-Weight: Approx 68.3grams(0.15 lb) per wheel (fully assembled)
-Screws for the hex mount:M2*6 cup head (Silver)
-Screws for the lock rings: M2.5*8 cup head (Black)
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