Traxxas UDR Rear drive shaft - Unlimited Desert Racer


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“This not your traditional MIP X-Duty™ Center Drive Kit.”
The new #18350 - MIP X-Duty™, Rear Center Shaft Kit for the Traxxas UDR is a BEEFED up monster! Made as a solid steel CVD™ Shaft, the MIP X-Duty™ Center Shaft is designed and built to handle any and all driving conditions.  The MIP X-Duty™ Center Shaft requires no modifications, simply install it in your UDR and GO! Its that EASY!  This new center drive shaft also utilizes X-Duty™ couplings and hardware for easy rebuilding.  The MIP X-Duty™ Center Shaft is also tuned to length to ensure the shaft never bottoms out when the chassis flexes resulting in a longer lasting shaft.
Running a 6S Lipo? Not a problem! The MIP X-Duty™ Center Shaft is more than capable of handling any power you put into your UDR, including 6S!
Whether out in the desert or in your backyard, this X-Duty™ is guaranteed to last and wont break like the stock shaft.  If you want reliability, strength and power, this kit is for you. Order today.


*UPDATED - 1/25/2019

 *Shafts are in hand and started SHIPPING to our customers today.