The Osprey SuperShafty 2.2 Wheel (Set 2)




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The Osprey SuperShafty 2.2 Wheels

These are the new 2.2 aluminum 3 piece beadlock wheels directly from SuperShafty. 

Designed to be strong, yet lightweight, these wheels feature:

  • 8 Wide but thin spokes
  • Designed to be durable yet lighter than most Aluminum 2.2's available currently.
  • 2.2" diameter and 0.8" wide at the bead surface
  • Including Hubs with all wheels
  • Interchangeability for hubs with the common SLW pattern.
  • Positive offset, to keep your truck narrow if you want it.
  • Available in all Silver or all Black currently.


  • 2 x "Osprey" wheels
  • 2 x Hubs
  • 2 x Choice of Aluminum or Brass lock rings
  • Beadlock mounting hardware and Hub Hardware


We have test mounted these wheels on various tires, including Pitbulls, RC4WD, VooDoo, Axial and Proline. While these will fit most tires we cannot guarantee they will fit every tire. Some tires might require a small trim on the bead. 


*Mounted example have had ring sanded to enhance looks. (Took 5 minutes)