SUPERSHAFTY Mystery Boxes 2021 Version



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Back by popular demand, we are doing Mystery boxes again for 2021.

A few changes for 2021 that you should be aware of.


  • (So if they are sold out now, check back at a time listed below)

  • 1 pm Friday EST - 1st Wave - SOLD OUT!!!!!

  • 6 pm Friday EST - 2nd Wave - SOLD OUT!!!!!

  • 10 pm Friday EST - 3rd Wave - SOLD OUT!!!!!

  • 11 am Saturday EST - 4th Wave - SOLD OUT!!!!!

  • 8 pm Saturday EST - 5th Wave - SOLD OUT!!!!!

  • $5.00 from EVERY box sold, will be used to buy RC toys, for the Toys for Tots drive.

  • LIMITED TO ONE PER CUSTOMER (If you try to buy more than one, it will be refunded and restocked)

Details about what's in the boxes.

  • You are guaranteed to get $200.00+ Retail value in your box.

  • You will get Quality RC products that you can use.

  • Many of they products are NOT Vehicle specific parts.

  • Expect brands such as: SuperShafty, TGH, DLUX, VP, KNK, MIP, ShiftsRCs, and many others.

  • MONEY BACK Guarantee. If you are NOT happy with your box, Ship it back to us and we will refund you 100% of the purchase price. (Less Shipping cost)


Estimated Ship date of boxes - December 6th. - ALL BOXES ARE NOW SHIPPED!!!!