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MIP HD Driveline - Order By Measurement

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MIP Spline Center HD Driveline Kit replaces stock plastic drive shafts with a high quality drive shaft kit that requires little to no vehicle modification to install.


  • Scale looking is the main focus point of the MIP HD Driveline™ Kit
  • Designed for direct replacement of stock Driveshafts.
  • New Scale design MIP HD Driveline features scale looks and light-weight construction, compared to the MIP X-Duty Drives.
  • 30% lighter
  • 25% slimmer
  • The MIP HD Driveline™ Kit, is truly a new beast in its own right, but we didn’t veer away from all of the design aspects built-in of popular MIP X-Duty™ Driveline.
  • Ultra-strong spline technology and
  • MIP CVD Barrel and Pin Design.
  • Impressive 35° of articulation
  • Features Splined phased aligned joints that key the male and female splines for smooth power transfer under load with no binding or vibration.
  • Of course, all components are heat treated 
  • Made from the highest quality American grade alloy steels.
  • The intelligent design, coupled with race proven technology affords you the value you demand when building a true trail rig.
  • Dependable, Rebuildable & Manufactured by MIP 100% in the USA!

INCLUDES Enough parts to make 1 full driveshafts:

  • 1 – MIP HD Spline Female
  • 1 – MIP HD Spline Bone Male
  • 2 – HD Drive Hubs 5mm
  • 2 – CVD Barrels
  • 2 – CVD Cross Pins
  • 2 – M3 x .5 x .3 Cup Point Set Screws
  • 2 – M3 x 12mm Pin Screws


  • Lengths are measured from MOUNTING PIN HOLE to MOUNTING PIN HOLE
  • TRAVEL LENGTHS LISTED ARE FULLY COMPRESSED TO FULL USABLE EXTENSION. You COULD extend it further, but you might risk engagement issues or the shaft coming apart.
  • These shafts are designed for a scale look. If you are running a heavy truck with big brushless power, we suggest using our X-Duty Style shafts. 

Worth Mentioning -

  • If you want a BOMBPROOF solution, this is not it.
  • If you want pure strength. Please try our new SuperShafty branded S4 shafts.



As the special order sizes of the HD Drivelines run out, they will be Discontinued

Please checkout our new line of S4's for their replacements.


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