Spektrum Smart Powerstage Air Bundle: 4000mAh 3S G2 LiPo Battery / S120 Charger


Product type: Batteries

Vendor: Spektrum



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  • A money-savings one-box solution for RTF Basic aircraft
  • The Smart Air Powerstage Bundles will complete the purchase of RTF Basic aircraft and makes them ready to fly
  • Smart Technology is the easiest to use and safest battery charging technology available and completes the Smart Technology ecosystem in RTF Basic aircraft that features an Avian or telemetry capable ESCs with one-wire telemetry


For beginner pilots who purchased a Blade®, HobbyZone®, or E-flite® Ready-to-Fly Basic model, the best way to complete their purchase is with the new Spektrum Smart Air Powerstage bundles. The latest in RC battery charging technology, the new Spektrum Smart Air Powerstage bundles offer the complete package for top performance with less hassle and maximum fun. Spektrum Smart technology G2 Powerstage bundles bring the latest Smart technology in one package for first-time pilots and enthusiasts. With the Smart Air Powerstage bundles, users get the most advanced and easiest-to-use battery and charging technology.

Smart Battery Technology

When connected to a Spektrum Smart charger, a Smart battery's unique parameters, health, and balancing information upload automatically from its memory microchip through the IC3® or IC5® connector's data wire. To charge and balance the pack, you simply connect it to your Smart charger. Safe charging begins automatically. Smart Auto storage discharge ensures a longer battery life.

Smart Auto Storage Discharge

Spektrum Smart G2 batteries practically take care of themselves. G2 batteries come from the factory programmed to automatically discharge to a safe storage voltage of 3.90V after 72 hours of inactivity. The results are longer battery life, better performance over the life of the pack and peace of mind that your Smart battery comes maintenance-free.

Simple and Quick

Preset charge, discharge, and storage parameters are automatically relayed from your Spektrum Smart battery to your Smart charger, making charging as simple as plugging in the pack. The battery's integrated microchip remembers the last charging rate you set, so the next time you plug it in, these settings will automatically take effect.


  • Product Weight: 200g to 299g
  • Roar Approved: No
  • Thermal Protection: Yes
  • Application: Air
  • Output Connector: IC3
  • Battery Voltage: 11.1V
  • Connector Type: IC3
  • Discharge: 30C
  • Maximum Charge Rate: 3 to 5 Amps
  • Product Length: 5.51" (140 mm)
  • Watt Hours: 44.4
  • USB Power out: No
  • Auto Storage: Yes
  • Normal/Standard Charge Current: 20A
  • Balance Lead Length: 1.3" (35 mm)
  • Battery Balance Connector: G2 Smart
  • Battery Temperature Monitoring: Yes
  • Charge Protection Circuitry: Yes
  • Number of Cells: 3
  • Number of Output Ports: 1
  • Power Source: USB
  • Selectable Charge Rate: No
  • Smart Technology: Yes
  • Wire Gauge: 12 AWG
  • Battery Type: Smart Only
  • Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Material: Soft Case Pack
  • Programmable: Yes
  • Hard Case: No
  • Maximum Burst Discharge Rate: 30C
  • Power (watts): 20 - 49W
  • Product Application: Air
  • Product Height: 0.94" (24 mm)
  • Low Input Voltage Protection: Yes
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current: 4A
  • Normal/Standard Charge Rate: 1C
  • Product Width: 1.69" (43 mm)
  • Software Updates: Yes
  • Technology: Smart
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