Dlux 1.9 High Clearance Carbon Fiber Wheels (Set of 4)


Product type: 1.9 Wheels

Vendor: Dlux



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Product Details

1.9 wheels with maximum clearance for knuckle weights and portal axles.

Fits Dlux wheel hubs (3mm hardware), Vanquish SLW hubs, or similar. ***Hubs not included.***

1.5mm Carbon Fiber wheel face 

3d printed inner wheel, printed with strong material (not your typical cheap material).

Glue on, or optional easy to install 3 piece beadlock. Beadlock ring is keyed to the inner wheel to help resist the twist.

20mm width, inside of wheel face to inside of rear face.

46.1mm inside diameter.

Ultra light, ultra strong, ultra high clearance.

***Sold in SETS, price is for 4 wheels.***

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