SuperShafty Bombproof Transmission for Axial SCX10 & SCX10.2 (5mm OutPuts)


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SuperShafty Bombproof Transmission for Axial SCX10 & SCX10.2 RTR (With 5mm OutPuts)

*Note: This Transmission in standard format fits the 1.9 Wraith. 

This is a trans that you can Trust to take a beating and keep getting it. 

WHAT YOU GET......... (Completely assembled and ready to run)

  • Vanquish Aluminum Trans Housing (Choice of color)
  • Hardened Steel Gears
  • Hardened Steel 5mm OutPuts 
  • SuperShafty "BEEFY" Top Shaft
  • SuperShafty "ULTIMATE" Motor Plate 
  • Robinson Racing 56T/32P Steel Slipper
  • TEAM KNK Hardware with Black Nuts
  • Jim's Bearings 



  • NEW - You can have any color VP Trans with Any Color VP Hurtz V2 Dig. ($269.95)
  • NEW - You can add Custom Color Anodizing (Up to 3 colors) to any Bombproof ($59.99)
  • NEW - You can now have ONE extended output in 5mm. Just like the big brother 6mm trans. This Extended output is a $19.99 upcharge. But it comes with our BOMBPROOF lifetime guarantee.
  • NEW - "Extended/Extended" option with Both outputs replaced to the Bombproof 5mm Adds $39.99. This Transmission is warrantied top to bottom, just like our 6mm trans.
  • (We love this new option BUT keep in mind, for only $20 more, you can get the Flagship 6mm - Trust us, you want the 6mm peace of mind.)
32 Pitch Pinion
Spur Gear Cover
We Hand build &
 Spin up Every
TRANS At 6000 RPM for up to 
5 minutes to "SEAT" your Bearings & Gears Before We Ship..............
This trans will have a LIFETIME warranty on the Gears, top shaft and motor plate.
But NO WARRANTY on the 5mm Output shafts. (Except for 5mm Extended Bombproof outputs)
IF you are worried about the hardened 5mm Output shafts not being enough, Please consider the Signature 6mm BOMBPROOF Transmission
****Please allow up to 1 week for the assembly process to take place before we  ship****
(Hurtz V2 Dig version we special order color for you, Please allow extra time)